DataCon.TW 2019 首發 Keynote

DataCon.TW 2019 首發 Keynote 摘要來囉!!

首先,謝謝 Wei-Chiu Chuang 答應回台分享~經過一番討論後,初版 Keynote 題目與摘要如下:

題目:Big Data in the Cloud: Challenges and Opportunities
講者:Wei-Chiu Chuang
The past few years have seen a paradigm shift towards the cloud. Today, the clouds have matured to the point where enterprises are willing to migrate existing applications to the cloud or to build cloud-native applications. That is quickly changing the landscape of Big Data systems.

It is interesting to see different players in the industry employ various strategies and play their strength. In this talk, I will cover the following topics from multiple angles:

1. Historical view: Is Hadoop a cloud?
2. Technological view: the improvements that enable cloud native systems
3. Gravity shift in open source communities: CNCF v.s. ASF
4. Business view: the impact of Cloudera-Hortonworks merger to the open source communities
5. Will the Cloud kill Open Source? How major cloud providers (AWS, Azure, Google) treat open source software vendors. How open source software vendors (MongoDB, ElasticSearch, Confluent, DataBricks, Cloudera) react to cloud vendors’ strategy.
6. Future and Opportunities

這麼有深度的 Keynote 錯過可惜喔~